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Physical Education plays an important role in the lives of St. Pius X students. From Kindergarten to Year 6, all classes are involved in weekly sporting programs that enhance students’ fine and gross motor coordination, as well as improve fitness.  Sporting programs are planned termly across classes, stages and the whole school. Programs include athletics, gymnastics and team sports. The school is involved with the Australian Government’s Sporting Schools Program which allows funding to support our weekly Sports Program. In the past the students have had the opportunity to learn skills in swimming, gymnastics, basketball, netball, futsal, bike riding to name a few.

Students have the opportunity to participate in swimming & athletics carnivals, cross country championships, gala days and numerous summer and winter team sports. The opportunity is there to represent at school, regional, diocesan, state and national level.

Sports day is on Friday each week. The day may change each term depending on the availability of local facilities. Sufficient notice will be given in the Newsletter. Children wear their sports uniform on this day.

Physical Education programs to develop movement skills are planned at class level. For more information regarding the Physical Education and Health syllabus visit our Curriculum page.