Kinder Fun Club

We prepare your child for kindergarten. Kinder Fun Club is a FREE SERVICE operating three days per week that provides an opportunity for your child to grow as a preschooler and prepare for big school. We offer a stimulating environment for children to learn and play by providing a series of open-ended play experiences.

Children are given the opportunity to actively demonstrate their knowledge, build relationships and become familiar with the context of the school. Kinder Fun Club allows children the time to develop meaningful relationships with peers and the teachers of our school.

Kinder Fun Club was designed to strengthen the process of transition to school. Kinder Fun Club utilises a strengths-based approach which supports the child’s active engagement in play. The key to success is how we communicate with families, highlighting the importance of play for learning and wellbeing as well as child development and neuroscience. The creativity, curiosity, wonderings, reflections, and discoveries of children raise the image of the child and celebrate their many capabilities and strengths.