At St. Pius X Primary School, we take pride in offering an efficient and effective school canteen that caters to the needs of our school community. Our canteen is open Monday to Friday and offers a set menu providing a variety of hot and cold foods.

We view our canteen as a service to our school community, and as such, we strive to keep prices at a minimum. Any profits generated from the canteen operations are reinvested to benefit the school and its students.

We are proud to adhere to the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy, a government initiative that categorizes foods into three groups:

Red – Occasional: These foods are served sparingly, no more than twice each term.

Amber – Select Carefully: These foods are not meant to dominate our menu.

Green – Fill the Menu: Foods from this category promote a healthy and balanced diet for our students.

Canteen menus are included in the school enrolment pack and available at any time from our school office.