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Religious Education

The Diocesan K-12 Religious Syllabus is implemented in all grades.

The classroom teaching of Religion is an integral part of the curriculum at St. Pius X Windale. Taught each day, children are educated in their faith to gain an understanding of the traditions and history of the Catholic Church, beliefs and practices. By engaging students in quality learning experiences, we aim to develop a religious dimension that enhances responses to, and love for, the Catholic faith. The overall goal of classroom religion is expressed by the diocesan policy as:

To enhance or promote knowledge and understanding of the traditions of the Catholic community: its story, its experiences and its teachings, through the following four strands: Jesus and Scripture, History and Beliefs, Celebration and Prayer, Justice and Morality.  
The support from the staff of the Religious Education and Spirituality Team of the Catholic Schools Office and links directly to this syllabus was beneficial.  Each class has a structured lesson each day that develops the knowledge and understanding of our Catholic Faith.

The Religious Education Coordinator, Mrs. Cate Pennington, attends all professional development days organised by the Catholic Schools Office.  The Coordinator shares knowledge gained during this professional development time as well as suggestions to enhance the teaching of Religion in the school.

Special celebrations related to the church seasons, sacramental programmes and liturgies involving grandparents and parents are organised the year.  Religion lessons were held daily in all classrooms to ensure that students continued to develop an understanding and knowledge of their faith and Faith Development Programs. The school, where possible will celebrate St Pius X Feast Day which is 21st August each year.