Prestigious Award

Recently, Georgia Kirkland, our Year 5/6 and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Teacher, received the 2023 National PETAA Award for Excellence in Primary English Teaching.

Georgia was up against four other outstanding teachers from all across Australia, and she proudly won the award at the national PETAA Leading with Literacy Conference held in Melbourne.

This award is all about recognizing teachers who are passionate about their profession, make a real difference in students’ learning, and constantly strive to improve themselves while working closely with their fellow educators to meet students’ needs.

Georgia is a dedicated primary school teacher who has been at St Pius X since 2014. She played a significant role in introducing the Catholic School’s Office’s L!FT initiative (Learning Impact from Teaching) to all grade levels. As part of this initiative, she brought St Pius X students together with Sami Bayly to create the captivating Stolen Heart storybook. Georgia’s commitment to education is truly inspiring!

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